The Gordon Area also serves as an education resource for learning about the natural environment. Various research and instructional activities are performed within the Gordon area to provide students and those interested in ecology a living example of how a dynamic environmental system functions and also how interrelated various forested species are within that system.

Because the Gordon area possess so many different types of natural land types including wetlands, uplands, old growth forest, high/low density wooded, edge, and stream buffer areas, as well as all of the plant and tree species that associate with these different areas, the Gordon area is a dynamic living classroom for those interested in different aspects of ecology.

Click for a list of WCU classes and activities in the Gordon Natural Area.

Laboratory Practicals Used in Gordon Natural Area:

  • Increasing awareness and involvement at the Gordon Natural Area (see response from Dr Hertel after the Executive Summary) - Analytical Report

Entomology Field Day:

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